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What’s Happening at the Museum

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August Astronomy Highlights

Mark Breen's Stargazing Party: Aug. 11, 9 - 10 PM Tune in to VPR and turn your gaze toward the stars as Mark guides you through the stars, planets and constellations. All you need is a radio or acces...

Fairbanks Museum

Astronomy Highlights

July Astronomy Highligts Evenings arrive late, though the days do get a little shorter.  Jupiter drifts lower into the western skies, while the southern skies are dominated by Mars, accompanied by th...

Fairbanks Museum

X-Ray Vision

Now on view! A new exhibit from the Smithsonian Institution is now on view at the Fairbanks Museum. "X-Ray Vision: Fish Inside Out" features 40 striking images of fish showing their skeletons and ins...

What You’ll Find Here

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