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What’s Happening at the Museum

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Museum Membership Pays

May 27, 2015 --  Have you made your Fairbanks Museum membership pay for itself yet?  The Kane family did this weekend when we went to the Museum of Science in Boston.  Full fare for a family of four w...


Morels Have Arrived

May 21, 2015 -- Spring in Vermont brings a host of wild edibles, including common morels (Morchella esculenta). These delicious mushrooms are found through much of the North America. They like a wood...

Fairbanks Musem

Feast with the Beasts

Saturday, June 20, 6 to 9 PM -- Our signature celebration of summer! You can tango with the Toucan, banter with the Bison, roam the Museum’s astounding galleries while you enjoy flavors of the Northea...

What You’ll Find Here

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