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Museum news

Search for the USS Grunion

July 22, 7PM at the St. Johnsbury School John Abele: Search for the USS Grunion On April 11, 1942 the USS Grunion, a Gato-class submarine, was commissioned into service for the US Navy. By July 3...

Fairbanks Museum

X-Ray Vision

Now on view! A new exhibit from the Smithsonian Institution is now on view at the Fairbanks Museum. "X-Ray Vision: Fish Inside Out" features 40 striking images of fish showing their skeletons and ins...

Museum news

Help Eye on the Sky

Raise the Roof for Eye on the Sky! We need your help. Our Eye on the Sky meteorologists have been preparing and producing in-depth weather broadcasts since 1981 ... in the basement of the Fairba...

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