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What’s Happening at the Museum

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Fairbanks Museum

Jr. Duck Stamp Winner

Liv Gahleitner, a student at Lyndon Institute, is the winner of the 2019 Best of Show in the Vermont Competition of the Federal Duck Stamp Design Contest. Artwork was displayed and evaluated at the Fa...

Fairbanks Museum

Skywatch Astronomy

In March, Orion settles into the southwest for some great evening views.  The evenings also feature the Big Dipper rising in the northeast, looking like a giant question mark.  Follow the “handle” tow...

Fairbanks Museum

Skywatch Weather

The fall of an empire has its share of cliches.  So when winter's reign comes to an end each March, the cliches begin dripping like the first strong run of sap.  Winter appears invincible as the month...

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