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Eye on the Night Sky

Eye on the Night Sky

February 22, 2019

Nightly Events

  • Tonight:

    As twilight fades from 6 to 6:30, the "twin" stars of Gemini appear due east, half-way up from the horizon, and ride very high across the southern skies. Pollux, a bit brighter and on the lower left, and Castor, on the upper right, are named for the sons of the Greek god Zeus and his mortal lover, Leda.

  • February 23:

    Orion boasts a fine collection of bright stars, including the bluish-white beacon to the lower right of his three belt stars. Rigel, meaning “left foot”, is classified as a blue supergiant, estimated to be 860 light years, and emitting approximately 200 thousands times more light than the Sun.

  • February 24:

    Looking due east at 8 o'clock, Leo the Lion climbs above the horizon, with the Twins of Gemini much higher. About halfway between them, search for a faint sprinkling of stars, called the “Beehive”, a swarm of stars in the faint constellation Cancer, the Crab.