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Eye on the Night Sky

Eye on the Night Sky

December 5, 2020

Nightly Events

  • Tonight:

    Orion, champion of the winter skies, is high-jumping into the eastern skies during these last days of calendar autumn, his characteristic belt jeweled with three stars in the east-southeast by 8:00 this evening. Looking to the right of his belt, a fainter line of stars marks his sword or scabbard.

  • December 6:

    The bright star Regulus, the "heart" of Leo, the Lion, and brightest star in that constellation, rises by 10:10 PM, just north of east, followed about 15 minutes later by the waning Gibbous Moon. By midnight they climb higher and are positioned due east.

  • December 7:

    The Summer Triangle is slowly bidding farewell as it rests in the west-northwest, its three bright stars spanning the Milky Way, or the "Great River in the Sky" as it's known in the Orient. Our galaxy arches from the west up to the top and then down to the eastern horizon.

Star Charts

  • December 1, 2020 - December 25, 2020:

    Jupiter and Saturn's once-in-a-lifetime conjunction

    Jupiter and Saturn's once-in-a-lifetime conjunction