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Eye on the Night Sky

Eye on the Night Sky

November 14, 2019

Nightly Events

  • Tonight:

    The mid-winter stars rise earlier each evening, as the Earth makes its appointed journey around the Sun. The familiar stars of Orion are in the east, and are joined by the bright star Procyon rising at 9:32 PM EST. This is the dominant star in the constellation Canis Minor, the Little Dog.

  • November 15:

    Vega, the brightest evening star, is high in the west as twilight fades, and sets later tonight, shortly after midnight. Vega is bright, in part, because it is one of the closer stars to us, some 26 light years away, as well as cranking out 37 times as much light as our Sun.

  • November 16:

    Due east this evening at 7:45 PM will be a faint cluster of stars called the Pleiades or Seven Sisters. To see them easier, look slightly to their side (either one), and their faint light hits a more sensitive part of your eye. In Japan they are known as “Subaru” – yes, the same as the car – which means “to gather together”.