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Clouds & Precipitation Map

Clouds & Precipitation Map

This weather map shows the latest cloud and precipitation forecast from the National Weather Service (NWS) NAM computer model. The model is run every 6 hours starting at 1 am EST, which is 2 am EDT. The maps are generated 3 hours after the start of each model run to make sure that all data have been received.

Cloud cover exceeding 50 percent is indicated with gray shading.

Intensity of precipitation is idicated by the forecast radar intensity, from light (light green) to heavy (purple) according to the scale. Yellow and higher indicates heavy showers similar to that found in thunderstorms.

Precipitation type is stippled white for snow and stippled red for ice (sleet or freezing rain). Rain is indicated by a radar forecast without any stippling. Stippling without a radar forecast suggests just light precipitation.

The animation controls are largely intuitive. Zooming requires clicking the zoom button and then clicking on the map. One can zoom more than once by additional clicks on the map. One can pan by dragging the map with the left mouse button.