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Special Exhibits


Gail Boyajian: Looking for the Ark

Colorful, natural-history themed paintings and 3-dimensional creations that evoke a time and place just beyond our imagination are on view in our balcony gallery. These dreamscapes appear real … almost. Give yourself a vacation from winter’s frost with a tour through Gail Boyajian's lush imagined lands.

In her words: "My earliest ambition was to be a naturalist. I loved making secret gardens in the woods, collecting rocks, leaves, wildflowers and an assortment of small pets, imagining I could hear the voices of the woods. ... The landscapes that I paint are imaginary but based on real places. Painting for me is a way to investigate and understand the beauty of nature around me, and to imagine a fused past, present and future. In the foreground is nature, as represented by the bird as observer, a relative of dinosaurs, referencing a long view of geologic history and cosmic cycles. In the middle ground are figures from art history and/or the newspaper; i.e. cultural references from the past and present, and in the distance there are tiny architectural remnants from different periods, such as ancient temples and castles, modern highways and nuclear power plants, and the suggestion of explosions or extreme weather events. The sky represents heaven but is the home of insects and birds, military, surveillance and air travel machines, climate change and pollution. Disaster is suggested and threat implied but also renewal. I try to use the drama of nature as a framework."

This exhibition is a collaboration between the Fairbanks Museum and Catamount Arts.