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Welcome to the Fairbanks Museum & Planetarium Stem Lab. To create a state-of-the-art STEM Lab for students of the Northeast Kingdom, the Fairbanks Museum & Planetarium is partnering with the New Hampshire Academy of Sciences (NHAS) located in Lyme, NH. NHAS has an incredible reputation for their excellence in authentic scientific research, training, and lab equipment while the museum’s school partnerships in science-based curriculum creates a great fit for delivery. This timely partnership, paired with a recent generous donation of a learning space to house a STEM lab at the Fairbanks Museum & Planetarium allows students access to a genuine STEM Lab equipped with a wide array of advanced scientific instruments. This lab will be a place where students are performing authentic scientific research while providing access to all of them being most important. 

Upcoming programs:

Using the STEM Lab, these camps will explore the sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics throughout the summer. Take a look and find the right one for you:

C. elegans  with Fiona Sweeneystudents in the Fairbanks STEM lab

  • June 10-14, 8am-4pm for ages middle through high school. Sign up here.

This week-long camp is for middle and high school students who wish to be introduced to the world of scientific research. Participants will be introduced to topics that are essential to scientific research, such as ethics, lab safety, scientific method, and experimental design. The goal is for students to experience how a research lab operates and learn some of the advanced techniques used in STEM investigations by completing an experiment on C. elegansfrom start to finish. At the end of the week, each student will give a short presentation about their lab experiment and experience for parents and guest scientists. 

Limited to 10 students

Fee: $300 for the week​

Aerial Robotics Camp: Building and Flying Drones​

  • June 24: AM session from 9-12pm 
  • June 25: AM session from 9-12pm
  • June 26: 9am-5pm 

For ages 10 and up.  Sign up for AM session 

Drones offer the chance to engineer, design and focus on experiential learning in the lab. We will explore the basics of unmanned aerial vehicles (“drones”). Students will have the opportunity to use their cognitive development and critical thinking to operate state-of-the art aircraft. The first two days will be project based learning experience about the mechanics of flight, how drones operate and how to build our own to fly.  A focus on drone safety, FAA regulations and the social responsibility of flying drones will be explored. Find out the number of ways drones are being used such as exploration on Titan, a moon of Saturn and what professional jobs use drone technology as an aid. During the last day, as a single group we will explore the basics of unmanned aerial vehicles (“drones”). Students will have the opportunity to operate state-of-the art aircraft, specifically the DJI Spark with certified drone instructor John and Hollis Munson. 

Limited to 10 students in each session. Fee: $200 for the program includes all materials.

Python Programming with Geoff & Ethan Spence 

  • July 29-August 2, 9am-3pm for ages middle through high school. Sign up here. 

This week long camp is for middle and high school students who want to take a deep-dive into digital electronics, robotics, programming, computer-aided design (CAD), and 3D printing. Participants will use the Raspberry Pi--a tiny and inexpensive computer--to learn digital circuit theory and Python programming. We'll connect and control color LED's, motors, servos, LCD displays, and more from the Raspberry Pi. We'll learn how to design 3D models using CAD software, and we'll print them on a 3D printer. We'll print the parts of a robot arm, wire it up, and control it from our Python programs. If you want to create your own circuits that interact with the real world, control those circuits with a computer, and design and produce 3D printed parts, this is the summer camp for you! The week will end with student will give a short presentation about their experience for parents and guest scientists. Limited to 10 students, $300 for the week. All materials included.


2019/20 School Year Programs​

Introduction to Science Topics

  • Thursdays from 4-6pm
  • 21 weeks broken into three 7 week sessions 
  • $105 a session or $315 for all three sessions 
  • Room for 20 students, ages 9 and up.  Sign up here. 
  • Here we will explore science topics through lively discussions using our collections, planetarium and classes geared to the Next Generation Science Standards. Taught by Bobby Farlice-Rubio​

Session 1: Sept 26, Oct 3,10,17, 24, 31, Nov 7   Session 2: Jan 9, 16, 23, 30, Feb 6, 13, 20 ​ Session 3: Mar 5, 12, 19, 26, April 2, 9, 23  ​

Math Encounters Lab - A Deep Investigation of Mathematics​

Open to the community with a focus on youth who want  to do a deep investigation of mathematics. Mathematics illuminates the patterns that abound in our world. Our programs will stimulate inquiry, spark curiosity, and reveal the wonders of mathematics.

Student expectations during the program:

  • Comfortable with algebraic notation
  • Understanding of variables
  • No computation restrictions apply
  • Should be comfortable using a calcutor
  • Open minded and willingness to think outside of the bx
  • Being comfortable not having the right answer

STEM Lab First Year

Wednesdays from 9:30-11:30am, meets in STEM Lab 21 weeks broken up into three 7 week sessions   ​

  • Completely Full
  • Ages 11 and up
  • $350 for the year 



   I Support the Lab

Latest photos from the lab taken by Bobby Farlice-Rubio with a 3-D printed phone camera mount on our microscope. These are roundworms called c.elegans we are working on in the lab:



 If you are interested in participating in the lab, please contact Leila Nordmann.