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Bobby teaches students outside

Homeschool Headquarters

Tuesdays, 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Homeschool Tuesdays start in September!

Homeschooling is a path toward academic achievement and consistency. Join our education team for insightful and inspiring learning that delivers core concepts and keeps students seeking more. Fairbanks Museum educators work with homeschool families to offer a range of learning activities that explore natural history, astronomy, weather & climate, and other STEM topics.

Please read through these options and guidelines carefully. Because each guided instruction group size is limited, your child must be regisered and full payment must be received in advance. If payment is not received the week before your program, we will offer the space to someone on the waiting list.

Safety is our priority. Our class sizes are limited and all materials are kept clean for your health and protection.

Homeschool Day is dedicated to families seeking STEM enrichment outside of a school environment. Each Homeschool Tuesday includes 1-hour guided learning with an instructor plus an independent Naturalist's project (artifact from our collections for illustration or close examination, treasure hunt, puzzle, or other self-directed activity). Because space in these programs is limited, students must be registered and paid in advance for each Homeschool program.

Our focus is on experiences that make learning fun and memorable for grades K–8. Homeschool families can come individually or in a group to join one of our regularly scheduled programs. We encourage parents to come with their children for the museum classes, and every child must be accompanied by an adult on field excursions. If health concerns require more virtual learning, we've got that covered through a variety of age-appropriate live stream and recorded programs.

Homeschool Tuesdays (10:00 AM - 1:00 PM) include

  • Access to all of the galleries in the Fairbanks Museum
  • Hands-on learning with a Fairbanks Museum educator
    • 1st Tuesday: grades K -2
    • 2nd Tuesday: grades 3 - 5
    • 3rd Tuesday: grades 6 - 8
    • 4th Tuesday: Field Excursion for all levels
  • Naturalist's Corner (all levels, every Tuesday, no registration required): Craft or activity related to the program topic of the day, led by one of the museum's science educators.
  • Access to hand-washing stations and bathrooms
  • Access to picnic tables
  • Free admission for adult chaperones (required for children under 5)

Field Excursions (10:00 AM - 12:00 PM) include

  • Educator who leads an exploration of a pond, field, or forest
  • 2 hours of instruction
  • Pre-field trip preparation materials
  • Directions to the location and free public parking

Costs for all guided instruction (at the Museum or in the field)

  • $10/student
  • $8/student sibling discount
  • $100 Homeschool Membership (12 Homeschool passes + Family Membership = best deal) You'll receive a punchcard for 12 classes, access to the Museum for your entire family on any Homeschool Day, and all of the benefits of Fairbanks Museum Family Membership.

Registration is required. Please register online and pay for each program in advance. Your total cost will reflect the number of students and the number of programs you select -- enter this amount in the custom field if you choose to pay for each program. Homeschool Membership offers the most cost-effective way to take advantage of our programs. If the program you'd like to take is full, please send an email to Karina Weiss to be placed on a waiting list.

Here are some examples of costs for multiple children and multiple classes without Homeschool Membership:

number of students 1 class 2 classes 3 classes
1 ($10/class) $10 $20 $30
2 ($8/class)  $16 $32 $48
3 ($8/class) $24 $48 $72
4 ($8/class) $32 $64 $96

Questions? To learn more, contact Karina Weiss.register now

Homeschool Tuesdays

March 7: You Are What You Eat (K-2nd grade)

March 14: Weights and Measures (3-5th grade)

March 21: Fabulous Frogs (6-8th grade)

March 28th: Visiting Educator, Leila Nordmann, will teach two classes on microscopes in our STEM Lab Classroom:

  • FULL Intro to Microscopes (K-2nd grade)
  • FULL Microscopes and Cells (3-8th grade)

April 4: Head in the Clouds (K-2nd grade)

April 11: Constellations & Cultures (3-5th grade)

April 18: Mountains Crumble to the Sea (6-8th grade)

April 25: FULL Special Guest Speaker, Zach Umperovitch, will teach about Rube Goldberg Machines (K-8th grade)

May 2: What is a Star? (K-2nd grade)

May 9: Digging Back in Time (3-5th grade)

May 16: Volcanoes of the Solar System (6-8th grade)

May 23: Off-site Field Excursion- Insects & Imposters (K-8th grade)

May 30: Off-site Field Excursion- Seed Science (K-8th grade)


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