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Learning With Us

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Our educators are naturalists and scientists with a passion for teaching. They inspire curiosity and self-directed learning, so students of all ages become passionate naturalists, always interested in the world around them.

The Museum's classes take place in our awe-inspiring galleries, state-of-the-art Lyman Spitzer Jr. Planetarium, Science Lab, classic learning hall and outdoor space.

For Teachers: The Museum's education team is ready to work with you and your school to help your students engage in active learning that excites them. Our curriculum guides are designed to meet Next Generation Science Standards.

For Homeschool Groups and Families: Our Home School Days are a monthly offering of programs designed specifically for independent learning.

For Boys' and Girls' Clubs  and other community organizations: Our planetarium presentations and other educational services are available for you.

We are rebuilding our Community of Observers citizen science program. Contact Leila Nordmann to learn more about what's ahead and how you can keep track of birds, butterflies, plants and weather events.

Group Fees

  • $5 per student for museum admission
  • $10 per student for 1 program/planetarium show
  • $12 per student for 2 programs/planetarium shows

1 FREE chaperone for every 5 students & additional chaperones pay student rate. 12 student minimum ($120 minimum) for 1 program, 10 student minimum ($120 minimum) for 2 programs. For questions regarding group fees, please click here.


Scavenger Hunts

Our Museum Educators came together to create uniquely informational yet absolutely fun scavenger hunts. From taking a closer look at Endangered and Extinct exhibits, to getting a chance to draw your most favorite bear, Closer Look Scavenger Hunts are bound to bring joy to your visit.

Are you visiting with a class? Take a peek at our "Closer Looks" for scavenger hunts based on objects on the main floor and exhibits around the museum. Designed and categorized by grade levels, they are available at our front desk along with clipboards and pencils but we encourage all schools to go ahead and bring the scavenger hunt they wish to embark on!  Volunteers at the front desk are there to help you with any questions you may have.

Pre-K and up

Grades 3 and up

Grades 5 and up

Closer Looks Exhibit