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Learn with us.

Fairbanks Museum education services

Education services at the Fairbanks Museum are designed to inspire, engage and encourage students to become curious about our natural world. These programs are developed by Museum educators to meet Next Generation Science Standards.

The Museum's learning experiences take place in our awe-inspiring galleries, state-of-the-art STEM Lab, nature classrooms, and outdoor campuses. You’ll discover the natural world with trained specialists in astronomy, meteorology, natural history, environmental science, and other Earth sciences.

Learning Menu for Schools

Every option includesastronomy

  • Fairbanks Museum Educator who greets your group when you arrive
  • Self-guided tour of our galleries (scavenger hunts available)
  • Access to hand-washing stations and bathrooms
  • Access to picnic tables
  • Free admission for 2 adult chaperones
  • Class materials

Choose your main course


To 10 students

11 – 25 students

Museum visit (1 hour)


+ $5/student

1 class (1 hour)


+ $10/student

2 classes (2 hours)


+ $10/student

Field Excursion (2 hours)


+ $10/student

Field Excursion (3 hours)


+ $10/student

After School (10 1-hour sessions)



After School (20 1-hour sessions)



Bonus options

  • Science Kits: $75/week. These kits include materials and resources you need to teach your students about a specific science topic. ($60/school member)natural history
  • Science Delivery Package: $150 ($100/school member)
    • 30 minute one-on-one teacher consultation with educator Bobby Farlice-Rubio
    • 15 minute pre-recorded video (made by our education team) with an activity/challenge
    • 30 minute live component with sharing/reflection (in person or online)
  • Naturalist in residence: $200 ($150/school member) 1-hour Professional development for teachers where educator Bobby Farlice-Rubio visits your school to look at the surrounding land and advise on how to teach making the best use of natural resources, plants, landscape, and other available elements. Additional time can be negotiated. ($50/hour)

School Membership

field explorationsYes, you can have it all! Fairbanks School Members benefit from repeat visit and ongoing support through our education program. Membership levels allow multiple classes and grades to take advantage of the resources available throughout the year. Your membership includes your choice of activities, including classes, field excursions, and bonus options.

  • Fledgling (10 hours) $1200
  • Explorer (20 hours) $2280
  • Adventurer: (30 hours) $3240
  • Apprentice: (40 hours) $4080
  • Pioneer (50 hours): $5000
  • Partner (60 hours): $5400

Click here for our curriculum-based classes for K - 8 students.

You can request a group visit by filling out this form.

Questions? Email Karina Weiss or call 802-748-2372.