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Museum Staff and Trustees

To reach any staff member at the Museum, call 802-748-2372.

For general questions, please use our contact page.

Executive Director: Adam Kane

Bruce Allen, Director of Facilities

Aimee Blake, Balch Nature School Teacher

Mark Breen, Senior Meteorologist, Educator

Madison Brown, Development and Weekend Associate

Lia Byrnes, Finance Assistant

Damon Cawley, Director of Programs

Libre Drouin, Lead Teacher/Director, Balch Nature School

Chris Edsall, Museum Store Manager

Colleen Gingue, Business Manager

Jack Gobin, Director of Exhibits

Katherine Grazer, AmeriCorps Member | Science Educator

Carolyn Guest, Balch Nature School Teacher

Beau Harris, Director of Collections

Lawrence Hayes, Meteorologist

Christian Bradley Hubbs, Astronomy Presenter/Planetarium Presentation Manager

Christopher Kurdek, Meteorologist

Stephen Maleski, Meteorologist

Anna Rubin, Director of External Relations, Wildflower Table Curator

Lilly Smith, Weekend and Events manager

Pat Swartz, Archivist

Sarah Sylvain, Science Educator

Karina Weiss, Director of Education

Adam Winfield, Science Educator


Chair of the Board of Trustees: Paige Crosby, Danville VT

Stephen Agius, Lyndonville VT

David Barrington, Jericho VT

Dorothy Baxter, West Danville, VT

Barbara Bristol, Sheffield VT

Robert Brown, St. Johnsbury VT

Frank Empsall, St. Johnsbury VT

Peter Hammer, Miami Shores FL

Janel Hanrahan, Lyndonville VT

Rebecca Hill-Larsen, Lyndonville VT

Dan Hughes, St. Johnsbury VT

Mariama Jones, NY

Julie Kelley, St. Johnsbury VT

Daniel J. Kimbell, St. Johnsbury VT

Carol Lyon, St. Johnsbury VT

Gary Mescher, Danville VT

Jennifer Noonan, Danville VT

James Ryan, St. Johnsbury VT

Ed Vilandrie, Barnet VT

William Vinton, Waterford, VT

Otto Wurzburg, St. Johnsbury VT