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Employment and Internship opportunities

Posted 8/12/21

Earth and Space Educator/AmeriCorps Member

Reports to the Director of Education
9/1/2021 - 8/31/2022
Member Duties:
  • Work with Director of Education to develop and present their own hour long classes (both in person and virtually) based on Next Generation Science Standards and STEM requirements
  • Learn a core group of prepared hour long science classes to present to PreK-8th grades (both in person and virtually)
  • Assist with two hour field programs (during all four seasons) for school groups and homeschool groups
  • Work with St Johnsbury Academy freshman on Capstone projects involving the museum’s attributes such as the planetarium and collections
  • Creating and leading interpretive tours and classes based on the museum collections and dioramas
  • Learn and present astronomy programs in our full dome planetarium using our planetarium software
  • Oversee camp-in sleepover programs for Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4-H Clubs, and Boys & Girls Clubs on the weekends (limited to 10 each year)
  • As needed, leading STEAM programming to preschool youth in the (on campus) Balch Nature School.


  • Teaching/turoring
  • Leadership
  • Enviroment
  • Public Speaking
  • Education


High School diploma/GED


Internships offer a way for self-motivated individuals to be involved with the work of the Museum. Interns work with Museum staff on specific projects or over time to support Museum functions. The Museum cannot pay interns.

Fairbanks Museum interns can work with collections, exhibits, facilities, visitor services, marketing and communications. For those interested in a more formal internship to fulfill an educational requirement, museum staff can work with you and your instructors to meet your needs.  

Would an itnernship be a good step for your career? You can start the conversation by letting us know your interests and experiences in a cover letter. Please include any relevant work history or academic focus.