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Virtual Wonders

Virtual Wonders

Franklin and Frances Fairbanks Invite You on a Virtual Journey.

We're going to the moon and beyond ...  

The Fairbanks Museum has launched this virtual dimension to reach you where you are. We'll join your adventures and guide you through discoveries. This page is just the beginning.

Take in what you can, when you can, in the format that meets your needs.

Schools and Libraries

Our online classes cover science topics from microbes to the edges of the universe. Here is a sample of what's happening in our virtual classroom:

For a full calendar of online learning resources and easy access, step into our virtual classroom.

Families and community creativity

Dive deeper into the world of museums, collecting, and creating. We're pulling together tools to make your home adventures even better when you build a virtual museum by posting photos. Take a tour with our guides.

Animals and Artifacts

Our natural history collections invite you into the homes and habitats of animals you may never see in the wild. You're up close and personal with a family of flamgoes as they wade through a marsh, and you're face-to-face with a giant kodiak bear, who might see you as lunch. Birds of paradise perch on a tree, and a muscrat clan swims through seasons. Each diorama is created with care to the exact arrangment and posture of the animals and their surroundings. There are countless stories in each display, and we're ready to take those stories to you as you embark on your own adventures!

While we create tools and guides to keep you connected with the world around you, we rely on your support to keep our programs strong. Your donation at this time contributes to ongoing support for students, families, and our communities.


Thank you.