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Vacation & Summer Programs

February School Vacation Week

Exploring Strawberry DNA in the STEM Lab

Monday, February 24 with three session: 9:30am-10:30am, 12pm-1pm, and 2pm and 3pm 

Ever wondered what DNA is? All living things including you have DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid. Using strawberries, we will perform a scientific experiment using household materials to extract the DNA from it. The neat thing about strawberry DNA is that you can see it with the naked eye! The program takes place in the new Fairbanks Museum STEM Lab with a maximum of 10 participants per session.

Limit 10 students per session, Members: $10 Non-members: $15


April School Vacation Week

Astronomy Camp 2020

April 14 & 16 9am-4:30pm with Night Observation April 15th, 6-9pm

For students in 2020, Astronomy camp will build practical skills and future travel plans that include trips to the Moon, Mars and beyond.  In 2024 NASA will put the first woman on the moon through a program called Artemis. It will mark the first time humans have been back to the moon in over 50 years. Students enrolled in camp will study advancements in spacesuits, rovers, lunar landers and exploration systems that will eventually take us to Mars. Practical skills will include: Astrophotography using Northeast Kingdom Astronomy Foundation, exploring rocket science through Kerbal Space Program computer modeling, and building a simple rover to designing a spacesuit.

Limited to 10 students, ages 10-13, $150 Non-Members, $120 Members 


Summer Educational Offerings:

STEM Lab   Discovery Camps   KampIWannaHavFun   Franklin's Guides


Discovery Camps

Special Member Sign up and Pricing Only through February 29th: $135 

For questions about Discovery Camps, please contact Karina Weiss or Leila Nordmann at (802) 748-2372

Creature Features

July 6-10, ages 4-5  and July 27-31, ages 6-8 

Over time, animals have evolved special features to help them catch their prey, stay safe from predators, and care for their babies. Campers will take a closer look at animal pelts, skulls and other bones to help explain how creatures have adapted to survive in a variety of different habitats. We will also journey into the museum to examine stuffed animals in our awesome new exhibit, Inside Out: Hidden Art in Natural History Collections. 

      Each camp limited to 12 students, $145 per week, 9am -12pm.  Extended day, 12pm-3pm, $25 per day 



Locomotion Commotion 

July 13-17, ages 4-5   and August 3-7 for ages 6-8 

Why can't humans jump as far as a kangaroo or fly as fast as a peregrine falcon? We have the ability to swim and climb, but when it comes to moving around our world, there are some impressive skills that only non-human animals possess. This exciting week of camp will include fun movement activities, games and crafts to explore the different ways animals move in order to survive.

Each camp limited to 12 students, $145 per week, 9am -12pm. Extended day, 12pm-3pm, $25 per day 



The Fairbanks Museum & Planetarium works with the St. Johnsbury Recreation Department offering educational science programming over the five weeks of KampIWannaHavFun running June 22 through July 24. For more information and to register, please visit the Rec Dept's website here




Franklin's Guides  

For students ages 11-15. A maximum of 15 students are allowed but 12 is the optimal number for the program. Interviews will follow once we receive your application to determine fit with our Guides program.  This year's dates are June 22 through 25 for training and June 29 through August 8 for the program ending with a sleepover. Franklin’s Guides students are expected to commit to at least one day a week. Their days start at 10am and will end at 2pm. Until the museum can provide transportation by van or bus, the staff are no longer allowed to transport students in personal cars as per our insurance carrier.  We have a museum Prius that can transport up to 4 total students.  As students apply we will be able to ascertain if Thursday field trips will be possible. 

Applications will be available in April 2020

About the program
Franklin's Guides is a student docent training program where students are ambassadors of the Museum and represent the spirit of Franklin Fairbanks when he dedicated his collections to the people of St. Johnsbury.  Franklin's Guides discover and research exhibits of their choice, then provide short tours or presentations to the public based on those exhibits.

Guides receive mentoring and support from our education team to practice their research, presentations, and public speaking skills. In return, they offer creative perspectives and new ideas that help us keep our interpretations of the collections fresh. This provides both the students and our visitors a closer look at our displays and collections.

What to expect as a Franklin's Guide

Our Guides will spend time on the main floor running existing programs, but also producing their own presentations to the public. They will have the Guides Coordinator, Museum Educators, and experts in various fields as a resource throughout the summer. The Franklin's Guides schedule runs between Monday - Friday, from 10am - 2pm, and students will be expected to commit to at least one day a week to perform presentations. We also have our Thursday Field Trips, from 2pm - 5pm which are optional, but tons of fun for us to get together for summer adventures!

What might you contribute and inspire in your community?