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Home School Groups

Fairbanks Museum educators work with homeschool groups to offer a range of learning activities, making use of our amazing museum galleries, our extensive outdoor campus in Danville, and other environments in St. Johnsbury. Our focus is on experiences that make learning fun and memorable for learners in grades K – 8.

Homeschool families can come individually or in a group to join one or more of these regularly scheduled programs.

Please contact Leila Nordmann, Program Director, to find out more.

Home School Days for 2017/18:

**New Homeschool Membership for 10 months of Friday classes for $50 per child.**

This membership is for homeschool students attending homeschool Fridays only. It does not count as a museum membership. From the time you sign-up, it will be good through June 2018. Please sign up through the museum's front desk or through Leila Nordmann

For Friday, October 20th here are the classes offered that day at the museum:


9:45 am: What’s Up: Your Sky, Tonight Planetarium Presentation with Oliver is all ages  

11:00 am: Intro to Weather Instruments & Shelter, grades K-2

11:00 am: Iron Man & Plastic vs Electro, grades 3-8

12:00 pm: Lunch

12:30 pm:  Animal Homes, grades K-2

12:30 pm: Werewolves, Vampires & Zombies, grades 3-8


1 class + admission is $8, two classes + admission is $10. The planetarium is $5.  One free adult per child, children ages 5 and up are paying students in each class.


What's Up: Your Sky, Tonight 


Our night sky changes from night to night, revealing new mysteries with every rotation of the Earth. From the earliest humans projecting the stories of their people into the sky to modern day robotic explorers venturing to far away worlds, we've looked at the night sky and wondered. During this live presentation in our full-dome theatre, you can expect to be introduced to constellations, planets, moons, and the latest discoveries from space, all projected in crystal clear resolution featuring cutting edge graphics and sound. 

Introduction to Weather Instruments

What are the tools weather forecasters use? Learn about thermometers, rain gauges, wind and making observations of the sky.  This class includes a visit to the weather shelter where students will see how the tools are used in a real-life context.

Iron Man & Plastic versus Electro!

What exactly makes a conductor, like iron, vulnerable to the passage of electrical current? What is an insulator, like plastic or rubber, seemingly invulnerable? To understand these properties of matter, one must understand electricity from the atomic level. By combing a student’s knowledge of electricity and circuits with a basic knowledge of chemistry, we will explore and understand these very strange energy interactions! Ideally, students will already have participated in Watt’s Zapp, the Fairbanks Museum’s introduction to electricity, or will at least have some familiarity with the basics of electricity. 

Animal Homes

Do all animals make their own homes, or do they find homes already constructed? Students will begin this exploration in the gallery looking for different types of animal homes and then progress to hands-on activities.

Werewolves, Vampires, and Zombies 

Using illustrations from culture and the natural world, students explore real diseases and parasites that have inspired myths and images from literature, film, and television.

  • November 10th at the museum: 

  • December 15th at museum 

  • January 5th in the field 

  • February 23rd at museum 

  • March 23rd in the field

  • April 13th at museum 

  • May 25th at museum 

  • June 15th in the field