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Home School Groups

Fairbanks Museum educators work with homeschool groups to offer a range of learning activities, making use of our amazing museum galleries, our extensive outdoor campus in Danville, and other environments in St. Johnsbury. Our focus is on experiences that make learning fun and memorable for learners in grades K – 8.

Homeschool families can come individually or in a group to join one or more of these regularly scheduled programs.

Please contact Leila Nordmann, Program Director, to find out more.

Homeschool Days for 2018:

**New Homeschool Membership for 10 months of Friday classes for $50 per child.**

This membership is for homeschool students attending homeschool Fridays only. It does not count as a museum membership. From the time you sign-up, it will be good through June 2018. Please sign up through the museum's front desk or through Leila Nordmann. ​

For Friday, April 13th, here are the classes offered that day + Homeschool Science Fair:  ***Science Fair is Currently Full***

  • 9:45am Tonight's Skies Planetarium Presentation with Oliver is all ages​​
  • 11am Static Cling!, K-3 grades
  • 11am Bright Idea, 4-8 grades
  • 12pm Lunch in downstairs classroom
  • 12:30pm Flowers, K-3 grades
  • 12:30pm Wave of Communication, 4-8 grades
  • 1:30pm Set up for Homeschool Science Fair 
  • 2-3:30pm Homeschool Science Fair displays and judging open to the public, awards ceremony around 3:15pm.  Please join us even if you are not participating in the fair. We are completely full.

1 class + admission is $8, two classes + admission is $10. Planetarium is $5.  One free adult per child, children ages 5 and up are paying students in each class.

Tonight's Skies

This class explores the night's skies on the day of the visit in the planetarium and focuses on what can be seen from students' backyards.  While touring the night sky, the museum educator will relate what is seen to science, mythology, planetary science, and current events.

Static Cling!

What is static electricity? What is happening when you get a shock or things mysteriously stick to you…? We will explore this form of potential energy and the electron swap happening between two objects to understand it better.  Using everyday examples and objects to create static, we will play with the direction and force of this form of electricity without making contact with the objects we are moving.

A Bright Idea! - the Nature of Light and Solar Power

In a single sunny day, the earth receives enough solar energy to supply the entire world with electricity for four whole months!! The problem is finding ways to turn all of that light into another form of energy, like electricity or hot water, that we can readily use. What is light? What is solar power? How do solar panels work? Even in our cloudy and wintery climate, many of our neighbors now rely on the sun to supply their electricity and even home heating. Will the sunlight give way to a brighter, and cleaner, energy future? This class will introduce students to the concepts of light energy and photons and explore how their energy can be transformed into other useful forms. 


Using games, story telling and movement, students are introduced to flowers and their cycle of growth, pollination and seed production. 

Wave of Communication

Communicating with Audible, Visible and Invisible Energy!

Our voices use sound waves to speak words to each other, but what happens when we’re too far apart to hear each other shout? In this exploration of communication, we’ll discover how different kinds of waves, like sound, light, and even invisible radio can be used to send messages to the farthest corners of the universe. Or maybe just to send your friend an emoji! Students will become familiar with concepts relating to wavelength, frequency, and amplitude as well as possibly learning a bit of Morse code!

  • May 25th at museum 

  • June 15th in the field

Homeschool Science Fair 2018 


Get ready for April 13th and the museum's first Homeschool Science Fair. There is a $5 fee but chaperones and those with a homeschool membership are free.