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Carolyn Guest

Carolyn Guest is the Balch Nature School Lead Teacher.


Carolyn Guest guides the Balch Nature School's curriculum and oversees policies. She has contributed to the growth of the Balch School since 2015, when she joined the Museum staff. She is a familiar face in St. Johnsbury, as she is a licensed early childhood educator with years of experience and long-time volunteer with the Museum.

Libre Drouin is Balch's assistant teacher, helping with daily routines and academics as well as the planning of curriculums. Libre joined the team with more than 10 years of experience as an instructional aide at The Lyndon Town School. She was director of Cherry St. Playcare before that.

When she is not busy working or crafting at home, you may recognize her from the St. Johnsbury Farmer's Market where she and her sister sell baked goods as  Sugar Mamas Bakery.

Libre Drouis

Libre Drouin is the Balch Nature School Assistant Teacher.