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Drew Bush, Director of Programs at the Fairbanks Museum.

Drew Bush, Director of Programs at the Fairbanks Museum.

July 2, 2019| Category: Learning

Drew Bush, our new director of programs, brings terrific ideas and a wealth of experiences. He comes to the Fairbanks Museum from McGuill University in Montreal, where he has been working in the Department of Geography as a program manager. He is also connected with our local schools and has been the enrichment leader for Kingdom East Afterschool Program for the past year.

Drew has a Ph.D. in Science Education from McGill University and earned his BA in Creative Writing and Environmental Studies from Colby College. He holds Master of Environmental Management from Duke University. From 2013 – 2018, he was a visiting scientist at the Goddard Institute for Space Studies at NASA in New York City.

He’s full of great ideas to enrich public programs and educational services at the Fairbanks Museum. But don’t take our word for it, Drew says “I cannot imagine a more important and ideal setting in which to work to inspire appreciation and stewardship for the natural world. The types of conversations and work taking place here, I believe, can really set the tone for the type of discourse we should be having nationally.”

Drew’s responsibilities include working with educators, school administrators, and community groups to build on the Museum’s educational services and public programming. “I see myself working closely with our schools and their students to design and manage a program that responds directly to their needs. The museum possesses an excellent educational staff and offerings. This means I will work to bring value and responsiveness to our schools in terms of how we respond to their needs for student STEM learning that meets state and national standards. It also means teacher training and support both during the school day and for afterschool. Not surprisingly, I’ll start by visiting as many of our schools as possible to get feedback and begin planning a program that fits the goals of our region’s educators.”

Drew just arrived at the Museum. He’s already working on ideas to expand hands-on, inquiry-based learning experiences to reach new audiences.

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