Thank you!

We're YOUR museum.

We're YOUR museum.

March 7, 2018| Category: Fairbanks Museum

We are deeply grateful for support from communities that voted at Town Meeting to contribute to the Fairbanks Museum through municipal appropriations. These contributions keep us going, and in return residents of these towns and villages can visit our galleries any day, any time, throughout the year. We are truly your museum. Come when you have a few minutes before a meeting, or linger when you have an hour to spend with your favorite collections. We’re here for you.

If you live in St. Johnsbury, Barnet, Burke, Danville, East Haven, Granby, Kirby, Lyndonville, Newark, Peacham, Sheffield, Stannard, Sutton, Walden, Waterford, and Wheelock, you can visit our galleries FREE of charge.

What a great deal. What a great community. We’re grateful for your continued involvement and support.


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