Summer Camp-in-a-Box

Summer Camp-in-a-Box

June 2, 2021| Categories: Learning, Observing

Think outside the box with us! Our Summer Camp-in-a-Box is your invitation to discover the marvels of the outdoors through the lens of a naturalist. Work at your own pace to complete ten hands-on activities that lead you through observing nature, measuring how plants grow, and inspecting insects up close. Use binoculars to spot birds, dissect an owl pellet, and harness the power of the sun to build a solar oven! The exploration can continue endlessly as you use this box as a launching point to keep exploring your interests in the natural world.

Geared toward ages 5 to 10, our Summer Camp-in-a-Box will be available throughout the summer, starting in mid-June. Email Karina at for more information, and stay tuned!

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