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The wooden benches in Vermont's only public planetarium have been in place since 1961.

The wooden benches in Vermont's only public planetarium have been in place since 1961.

December 4, 2018| Category: Planetarium News

How would you like to see your name on plush, new seating in our Lyman Spitzer Jr. Planetarium?

Your gift of $200 or more now through February 28 gives you a chance to place your name — or the name of someone you want to honor — on a fabulous chair for interstellar exploration.  We’re offering this naming opportunity for a limited time as we update our planetarium and get ready to welcome the next generations of space enthusiasts. Make your gift online today. 

After a visit to the planetarium, we hope you remember the guided tour by one of our astronomy experts or the filmed presentation about new advances and discoveries. We aim to provide the feeling of being transported — the stars and planets zooming past, or the sense that you’re flying among comets rushing toward the outer reaches of our universe.

But your inter-planetary journey was probably grounded after about 15 minutes as you felt the hard wooden bench you shared with your class or your friends. The semicircular benches in our planetarium are one of the final elements that remains in place from the original 1961 installation. Countless kids have started their space adventures on those benches, and many more come through each year as we increase the number and variety of presentations in Vermont’s only public planetarium.

As we get ready to make this unique space accessible to everyone by installing a lift, we’re also upgrading the seats to accommodate new audiences. New seats means a more comfortable journey! Imagine being able to lean back on your padded chair as you travel through constellations and approach another universe!

We hear you. We know these chairs will make a difference, because we know many of you remember how hard and unforgiving our benches are. This is your chance to be part of a seat you’ll enjoy in our planetarium — your friends and family will appreciate the comfort you give with a gift of $200. See your name in stars by naming a new seat in the Lyman Spitzer Jr. Planetarium!

And let us know what you remember about visiting our planetarium. Were you with friend in school? A family outing? Birthday party? First date? Let us know what you loved, what made you laugh, what made you squirm as the stars circled overhead.

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