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March 4, 2019| Category: Skywatch Almanac Weather

The fall of an empire has its share of cliches.  So when winter’s reign comes to an end each March, the cliches begin dripping like the first strong run of sap.  Winter appears invincible as the month begins.  Snow depths are often at their maximum, the ice impenetrable, the boreal realm extending beyond all horizons.  Yet a closer look reveals flaws in the infrastructure.  The excesses of sun and temperature soften the morning’s ice and crust to an embarrassing mush in the afternoon.  The departure of even the fiercest storm is followed by mild sunshine that resumes the rhythmic babbling from the still hidden streams and brooks.  Faced with such defiance, Winter’s retreat to the mountains is inevitable.  Beware the Ides of March, for soon winter’s life-giving snow will be flowing freely from spring-like wounds.  Yet from this will rise the next champion, already blushing red in the tops of the red maple, and the red osier dogwood.

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March Extremes

Warmest:  40.7°/2012     Coldest:     20.8°F/1900

Driest:       0.30”/1915     Snowiest:  46.2”/1956





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