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Skywatch Weather

March 28, 2019| Category: Skywatch Almanac Weather

Two steps forward and one step back – such is April’s wayward course into spring.  It is as though spring is still in its infancy, exploring the possibilities of warmer weather with some triumphant successes, but hampered by disappointing failures.  The child-like fits and starts can be frustrating, or perhaps amusing if you keep in mind that the warmer weather will win in the end.  The temperamental nature of the month comes primarily from “April showers”, not a poet’s turn of phrase, but a change in the character of the weather.  The sun, now as strong as that of late August, heats rising columns of air which climb into the chilly atmosphere above.  Clouds and showers quickly form to provide sudden changes from sun to rain to sun, perhaps complimented by a rainbow. 

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April Records and Averages

Warmest:  50.2°F/1921       Coldest:     35.5°F/1943

Wettest:      6.23”/2000      Snowiest:      21.1”/2007


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