Skywatch Astronomy

Skywatch Astronomy

March 4, 2019| Categories: Eye on the Sky, Skywatch Almanac Astronomy

In March, Orion settles into the southwest for some great evening views.  The evenings also feature the Big Dipper rising in the northeast, looking like a giant question mark.  Follow the “handle” toward the horizon, where the star Arcturus rises by 9 o’clock.  Venus sits quite low in the east as the dawn brightens, while its earlier companion, Jupiter, climbs high into the south.  Between them, much less bright, the ringed giant Saturn returns to the morning skies.  The evenings witness Mercury disappearing in the west after the first weekend, while Mars continues is slow decline, still fairly high in the southwest, but markedly less bright than last Summer.


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A trio of planets in the morning skies


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