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Our new "Electricity" exhibit from The Franklin Institute is SHOCKING!

May 7, 2018| Category: Fairbanks Museum

On view now!

“Electricity” offers hands-on learning for the whole family.

“Electricity” is comprised of sixteen hands-on interactive stations. Each display engages visitors in the many fascinating facets of electricity. The  Franklin Institute, whose namesake conducted the famous ‘kite and key’ scientific explorations of electricity, has developed the exhibition, which is currently on a touring circuit of the country.

Aiming to connect guests with the fundamental properties of electricity, “Electricity” invites you to test your understanding of electricity and experiment with different charges by:

  • becoming a human battery
  • operating a telegraph
  • handling a plasma tube
  • discovering if you are attracted to magnets

…and many other intriguing activities.

“The Fairbanks Museum & Planetarium is rooted in a Victorian tradition of experimentation and physical sciences,” says Adam Kane, executive director. “This traveling exhibit addresses themes that are at the core of our existence – bringing a fundamental element of our natural world to light in intriguing new ways. This exhibit also helps us highlight the Museum’s work in generating all of its own electricity through solar generation.  In fact, April was the first month in the Museum’s history that it generated more electricity than it consumed.”

“Electricity” is on display through the summer. The Fairbanks Museum Discovery Camps are themed around energy in the natural world. “We’re focused on what fuels us,” comments Leila Nordmann, director of programs, “looking at sources of energy around us, including sunshine, food, wind and more.” Week-long Discovery Camps in July and August are for young naturalists, ages 4 to 8.

Founded in honor of America’s first scientist, Benjamin Franklin, The Franklin Institute is one of America’s oldest and premier centers of science education and development in the country. The Franklin Institute is a renowned and innovative leader in the field of science and technology learning, as well as a dynamic center of activity. Considered one of the great science centers in the nation and the world, The Franklin Institute is dedicated to creating a passion for learning about science by offering access to hands-on science education in ways that impact people’s lives. Click here for more about The Franklin Institute.

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