September Weather

September Weather

August 28, 2018| Categories: Skywatch Almanac Weather, Weather

Mornings that are misty and cool, afternoon’s that enjoy a deep blue sky swept clean of the summer’s haze by a fresh breeze, each signaling the arrival of September.  The longer nights give the atmosphere a chance to lose a bit more heat, and the cooler, heavier air drifts down the hillsides to pool in the valleys and lowlands.  Here the chill encounters the still-warm ponds and the moist leaves and grass, allowing a mystical blanket of fog to form. Inside this veil, the fog pulls the edges of the world in close, as the familiar stone wall disappears into the unknown.  On the surrounding hills that rise above the vaporous shroud, another transformation occurs as fog hides the familiar views of the villages below.  The hills, now fringed with their first colors, become islands and peninsulas among a sea of foam. 

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September Records and Averages

Warmest:  67.9°F in 1961             Coldest:     54.2°F in 1950

Wettest:   8.59 inches in 1999     Driest:  0.68 inches in 1908



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