September Weather

September Weather

September 3, 2020| Categories: Eye on the Sky, Fairbanks Museum, Skywatch Almanac Weather

When the calendar flips to September, we expect change, though we are not always ready to accept it.  The key to all of the changes in September is the loss of daylight hours, amounting to 90 minutes or so.  The longer nights and shorter days set the stage for cooler nights, and the possibility that frost will slip over the garden wall.  The difference is more pronounced farther north, helping the first pools of cold air to form across the tundra, making a few excursions south behind a cold front.   The shorter days also trigger changes in animals and plants, each preparing for winter in their own way. Including us.  It might be an outdoor project, or the harvest, or the return to school, all hastened when we hear the chatter of the crisp northwest wind in the changing leaves. 

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September Records and Averages

Warmest:  67.9°F in 1961             Coldest:     54.2°F in 1950

Wettest:   8.59 inches in 1999     Driest:  0.68 inches in 1908

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