September Astronomy

September Astronomy

August 3, 2020| Categories: Fairbanks Museum, Mark Breen, Planetarium News, Skywatch Almanac Astronomy

Summer’s constellations Scorpio and Sagittarius are thinking about leaving as they progress into the southwest through the month, joined by the spectacular planetary duo of Jupiter and Saturn in the south as twilight fades.  Extending up from the Teapot in Sagittarius, the broad, faint path of the Milky Way arches from northeast to southwest, where the Summer Triangle remains high in the south.  The eastern skies welcome back the Great Square of Pegasus, due east mid-month at 8:30 PM, attached to Andromeda to its left.  Far more eye-catching, Mars climbs into the east, brightening to rival Jupiter by month’s end.  Early risers continue to enjoy Venus, blazingly bright in the eastern skies before sunrise.

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Jupiter and Saturn are joined by the Moon, low in the south on the 24th and 25th.

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