October Weather

Weather lore:

Weather lore: "October frost and winds wild,
January and February will be wild!"

September 29, 2021| Categories: Eye on the Sky, Mark Breen, Skywatch Almanac Weather, Weather, What's Happening

What a frenzied pace October has, rushing to complete some last warm, sunny days, yet moving right along to frosty mornings and perhaps the first fits of snow, often enough to dust the mountain tops while the brilliant foliage lingers below. It seems to mimic our own rush through this autumnal season, the fading daylight urging us to put the garden to bed for the winter, while chilly evenings provide motivation for splitting and stacking the wood pile. However, all of this is inevitable, and not by it self note worthy. What October is remembered fondly for is the period of grace from the first spell of Indian Summer, lasting just a few days, or maybe a week. The weather patterns tend to stagnate, allowing lots of particles, both man-made and natural, to build up in the air, resulting in hazy vistas and milky-blue skies.

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October Records and Averages

Warmest:  56.1°F in 2017             Coldest:     39.1°F in 1925

Wettest:   8.60 inches in 2005     Driest:  0.29 inches in 1924



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