October Weather

October Weather

October 5, 2020| Categories: Eye on the Sky, Mark Breen, Skywatch Almanac Weather, Weather

Autumn’s stumbling progression is the very essence of October.  There are moments still of grace and reprieve, enough that a true optimist might still hope beyond hope that the frost will wait another month.  There are days of dark, laden skies, the clouds like a cloak that weighs us down with despair.  Cold fronts play a big part in these apparent incongruities, sending thermometers on roller coaster rides, often bringing showers to an end with a frosting of snow on the mountains, and flurries dancing on the fresh north winds.  The brilliant colors that started the month are reduced to subdued, pale yellows in the failing daylight.  Yet as inevitable as the shorter days and falling leaves, so too are the occasional golden afternoons warmed with summer’s last dregs. 

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October Records and Averages

Warmest:  56.1°F in 2017             Coldest:     39.1°F in 1925

Wettest:   8.60 inches in 2005     Driest:  0.29 inches in 1924



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