October Weather

October Weather

September 28, 2018| Category: Skywatch Almanac Weather

Many of us have a sense of denial that creeps over us in October, and often we hope that October will help us with our delusion.  Any frost that comes along to finish off the garden is frequently followed by a spell of warm, gentle weather often referred to as Indian Summer.  The most practical of us know that it won’t last, but there are those hopeless optimists that ignore the shortening days and the falling leaves, as though winter would skip by this year.  Perhaps that’s when shock therapy is applied in the guise of a cold front, whose showers end as the first flakes of snow, dusting the tops of the mountains white, and providing a welcomed tail wind for the flocks of geese that are southbound.  More frequent frosts and the season’s first wood fire usually finish the treatment, making believers of us all.

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October Records and Averages

Warmest:  56.1°F in 2017             Coldest:     39.1°F in 1925

Wettest:   8.60 inches in 2005     Driest:  0.29 inches in 1924


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