October Weather

October Weather

September 30, 2019| Categories: Fairbanks Museum, Skywatch Almanac Weather

Every cliché ever penned about autumn can be found in October, from foliage to frost, from Indian Summer to winter, all against the backdrop of harvesting and settling in for the longer, colder nights. Perhaps most noticeable is the change in light. Granted, the days get shorter, but the increase in cloud cover jumps by the end of the month as cold air traveling across the Great Lakes produces many a grey afternoon. Should the sun sneak through in the late afternoon, late foliage glows against a black cloud backdrop. The loss of light is depressing to some, yet others look forward to the comforts of the first fire in the stove, the tang of fresh-pressed cider, and even the first snowflake.

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October Records and Averages
Warmest: 56.1°F in 2017 Coldest: 39.1°F in 1925
Wettest: 8.60 inches in 2005 Driest: 0.29 inches in 1924

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