November Weather

November Weather

November 2, 2020| Category: Skywatch Almanac Weather

November’s beauty is an acquired taste.  After all, it would not be possible to compare it side-by-side with the foliage of October, nor of the post-card scenes of December.  November’s attributes are more subtle as it truly is the transition month between fall and winter.  Only the bronze of beech and oak leaves cling to the trees, the rest a grey to match the skies, the cloudiest month of the year in most locations.  The extra clouds are due to increased storms, as well as the open, mild waters of the Great Lakes.  Cold air following the storms is moistened by the lakes, and as the moisture rises over the mountains, clouds form, as well as some cold rain or wet snow showers. 

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November Records and Averages

Warmest:  42.6°F in 1948                Coldest:     27.2°F in 1904

Wettest:   9.34 inches in 1927   Snowiest:  26.4 inches in 1921


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