November Weather

November Weather

November 5, 2019| Categories: Fairbanks Museum, Skywatch Almanac Weather, Weather

November seems awkward in some ways.  Any spell of Indian Summer is cut short, no longer at home among the barren trees, the dying grass, and the increasingly frosty mornings.  And yet the first attempts at winter are frequently messy, the marks of inexperience.  Even the sky seems restless, its lowering slate-grey clouds blocking out the sun, and frosting the mountains in early snow.  Soon enough, the snow will come to the valleys, hissing briefly on the hard ground and dry leaves before covering them in a cold, soft blanket.

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November Records and Averages
Warmest: 42.6°F in 1948 Coldest: 27.2°F in 1904
Wettest: 9.34 inches in 1927 Snowiest: 26.4 inches in 1921

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