May Astronomy

May Astronomy

May 3, 2021| Category: Skywatch Almanac Astronomy

May welcomes the return of some of summer’s brighter stars, including Vega in the northeast, and Antares in the southeast.  High in the south, Leo the Lion prowls toward the southwest through the month, while high above, the Big Dipper guides you with its handle to “arc” to Arcturus, then “spike” to Spica, both stars in the south.  A few “winter” stars linger on the western horizon, including the Twins of Gemini in the west, but more interesting is the elusive Mercury putting on its best evening show of 2021, a bright spark in the twilight.  Mars is much higher but dimmer as it slides past the feet of Gemini, while early risers will find the Jupiter and Saturn paired together in the southeast.

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The Crescent Moon slides by Mercury on the 13th and Mars on the 15th as twilight fades.

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