May Weather

May Weather

May 1, 2019| Categories: Eye on the Sky, Skywatch Almanac Weather

May’s beauty is more than just a poet’s notion.  Apples and lilacs perfume the air, the trees and meadows display every shade of green possible, and the fresh blue skies are not yet spoiled with summer haze.  The gardens are being planted, and the first fields are mown for hay.  Yet beauty has its price.  May still carries the reminder of winter, with frost and even a leftover flurry of snow.  And then there are the black flies.  These hungry demons breed in the running waters so lively in spring, and are just as anxious to enjoy a warm, sunny afternoon as the rest of us.  Mosquitoes, too, add their sting to our enjoyment.  Still, we accept this debt, for the reward is, after all, beauty. 

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May Records and Averages

Warmest:  61.6°F/1911       Coldest:     47.0°F/1917

Wettest:    11.12”/2011       Driest:        0.04”/1903

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