May Astronomy

May Astronomy

May 1, 2019| Categories: Fairbanks Museum, Skywatch Almanac Astronomy

May welcomes the return of some of the brighter summer stars, including Vega in the northeast, and Antares in the southeast.   High in the south, Leo the Lion prowls toward the southwest through the month, identified by the “backwards question mark” that forms his head, mane, and shoulders.  High above, the Big Dipper guides you with its handle to “arc” to Arcturus, then “spike” to Spica, both stars in the south.  May also welcomes the planetary giants Jupiter and Saturn, rising late in the evening, while Mars fades in the southwest.  Venus and Mercury remain in the Sun’s glare.

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The Crescent Moon in the evening near 8:45 from May 6th through the 9th

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