May Weather

May Weather

May 1, 2022| Categories: Eye on the Sky, Mark Breen, Skywatch Almanac Weather, Weather

“Thunder in May fills the barn with hay”

Visions of flowers and newly green hills bring out a smile as bright as the May sunshine. It marks the destination that makes all the earlier frustrations melt into the blue sky and long, lingering afternoons. However, the actual arrival of May can be vastly different. While we are a considerable distance from the Atlantic Ocean, there may be times this month when we are just not far enough away. Ocean temperatures are near their annual minimum, attracting a warehouse of cold, clammy winds which can make short work of those first glimpses of summer. Known as a “backwards spring”, the weather stops its usual west to east pattern and begins to go backwards, coming from the east, a reversal of fortunes that slows spring’s progress, and forces us to scrounge around in the woodshed for just a few more sticks.

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May Records and Averages

Warmest:  61.6°F/1911       Coldest:     47.0°F/1917

Wettest:    11.12”/2011       Driest:        0.04”/1903


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