May Weather

May Weather

May 1, 2020| Categories: Fairbanks Museum, Mark Breen, Skywatch Almanac Weather, Weather, What's Happening

May is nearly as busy as April in the variety of weather gyrations to be expected. Most Mays record at least a few snowflakes, and about every 5 to 10 years some accumulating snow. Likewise, temperatures approaching 90 occur once or twice in a decade. Most of the time May’s weather is categorized by passing cold fronts, preceded by warmer weather, accompanied by a period of showers or even thunderstorms, and followed by a fresh, cool breeze that might bring the final frost of the year. Should a late-season storm organize, a cold rain will brighten the green grass, and awaken the black flies.

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May Records and Averages
Warmest: 61.6°F in 1911 Coldest: 47.0°F in 1917
Wettest: 11.12” in 2011 Driest:0.04” in 1903

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