Mars Rover Landing Watch Party

Mars Rover Landing Watch Party

February 1, 2021| Categories: Learning, Programs and Events

Feb. 18, 3:00 – 4:30pm livestream event!

Be part of the moment-to-moment excitement as we join NASA scientists and engineers and their team who guide a new rover to landing on Mars!

After a cold, lonely, nearly eight-month-long trip through space, a robot named Perseverance is going land on Mars! Join the Fairbanks Museum & Planetarium, safely from the comfort of your home or school, as we watch the livestream from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, together! Science Educator Bobby Farlice-Rubio will be your guide as we eagerly watch the news and data from Perseverance beam in from Mars.
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Will we get to see NASA engineers jump for joy, as we have with past successful landings, or will Perseverance suffer a tragic ending with a crash or malfunction? Landing robots on Mars is hard! If everything works just right, this robot will give humanity a chance to see if there ever was any life on Mars! Its cratered landing site was once a lake, with a flowing river nearby: now it’s all frozen and dry. Did Martian life live there in the past? Finding the answer to that question is one of Perseverance’s missions! This incredible automaton will also be testing an oxygen generator that could be used to help future human missions to the “Red Planet!”  Perseverance, about the size of a small car, has six wheels, a long arm, high-stepping legs, multiple cameras, and a complete chemistry lab on board.  It also has a sidekick: a helicopter drone named Ingenuity. If Ingenuity can take-off, it will be the first-ever aircraft to fly in the air of another world!
Please join the Fairbanks Museum’s livestream on Zoom, our Facebook Page, our Youtube Channel, or even on our Twitter feed! Bobby will try his best to explain all of the details of the mission, the history of Mars Exploration, and, most importantly, to answer your questions as we watch history being made, together!
You can find more info on the Mars Perseverance here.

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