March Astronomy

March Astronomy

March 1, 2022| Category: Skywatch Almanac Astronomy

March brings some great views of Orion as he settles into the southwest, while the brilliant Dog Star, Sirius follows him, cresting in the south. The evenings also feature the Big Dipper rising in the northeast, looking like a giant question mark.  Follow the “handle” toward the horizon, where the star Arcturus rises by 9 o’clock.  Planet viewing has shifted into the morning skies, with Venus leading the way, low but spectacular in the southeast, joined by the much fainter Mars to its lower right.  Saturn gradually lifts into the morning twilight later in the month, forming a celestial triangle with Venus and Mars for early risers.  Mercury and Jupiter are lost in the Sun’s glare.

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Looking low in the southeast in the growing twilight from 5:45 to 6:00 AM, a trio of planets is joined by the waning Crescent Moon.


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