March Astronomy

March Astronomy

March 2, 2021| Category: Skywatch Almanac Astronomy

In March, Orion settles into the southwest for some great evening views.  The evenings also feature the Big Dipper rising in the northeast, looking like a giant question mark.  Follow the “handle” toward the horizon, where the star Arcturus rises by 9 o’clock.  After months of great planet viewing, only Mars remains in the evening skies, fading slowly, but well-placed near the red star Aldebaran.  However, the morning skies offer the promise of things to come, as our bright, gas giant planets, Jupiter and Saturn, return for some early morning viewing.  While not as close as last year, they will still be delightfully close through this summer and fall.

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Looking in the west-southwest near 8:00 PM, Mars slides between the Seven Sisters and Taurus.

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