June Weather

June Weather

May 30, 2018| Categories: Eye on the Sky, Fairbanks Museum, Skywatch Almanac Weather

I find it curious how June is romanticized, as though it had some exemption to the usual chaos that characterizes our weather.  Like much we find in legend and lore, a single, ideal day becomes memory, and then blends into expectation, and finally blossoms into reputation.  June is certainly capable of a deep blue sky, a refreshing northwest breeze, and temperatures in the 70s.  However, far more days can be chilled with clouds and rain.  Any number of years send thermometers swelteringly close to 100 degrees.  Hints of frost challenge those in the colder hollows, while the flash and crash of a thunderstorm puts a sharp end to the family picnic or softball game.

-Mark Breen

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