July Astronomy

July Astronomy

June 28, 2018| Categories: Eye on the Sky, Skywatch Almanac Astronomy

Evenings arrive late, though the days do get a little shorter.  The southern skies are busy this month, with the red star Antares marking the “heart” of the Scorpion, with claws stretching to the west, and its tail right along the horizon.  To its left is Saturn, just above the “teapot” in Sagittarius, and floating in the river of light we call the Milky Way.  To the right gleams Jupiter.  Rising later in the evening in the southeast, Mars reaching its best viewing since 2003.  Much higher in the east, surrounding the Milky Way, are three bright stars forming the Summer Triangle, seen overhead by midnight.  The Big Dipper sits high in the northwest, looking like its British name, “the Plough”.

Tune into the Eye on the Night Sky on VPR, or check out tonight’s celestial events online!


The Crescent Moon offers a guide to finding Mercury, and a nice display with Venus.



The Summer Schedule is in full swing at the Lyman Spitzer, Jr. Planetarium!

Show times:

Monday through Friday: 11 AM, Noon, 1 PM, 2:30 PM, and 3:30 PM

Saturdays and Sundays: 12:30 PM, 1:30 PM, and 3:30 PM

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