July Weather

July Weather

June 28, 2018| Category: Skywatch Almanac Weather

The rewards of summer are handed out each July, which maintains the warmest weather of the year.  Sure, June can crank up the heat and humidity, and August occasionally is hotter than July.  But if you are looking for consistency then look no farther than the hazy, blue-green hills, and the relief of the shade-tree in the back yard.  Although the sun reached its greatest height and duration in June, the continents and oceans take time to warm, causing average temperatures to reach their annual peak during the last two weeks of July.  The number of sunny days also is at the top of the list, yet surprisingly, so is the rain!  In spite of dry spells, the heat and complimentary humidity send clouds billowing several miles into the air, frequently followed by the grumbling of a sudden, sharp afternoon thunderstorm.  Delivering its heavy rains in short order, there’s plenty of time for sunshine even on a stormy day.

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July Records and Averages

Warmest Average : 75.2°F/1921

Coldest Average : 65.0°F/1956

Wettest:   9.16 inches in 2008

Driest:  0.96 inches in 1919


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