July Weather

July Weather

July 10, 2019| Categories: Eye on the Sky, Skywatch Almanac Weather

With our weather’s reputation for such variety and changeability, it is hard to imagine there is a time that it ever quiets down.  However, the heart of summer in July features some of our laziest weather patterns.  But we are not alone in this situation, for the better part of the continental U.S. is removed from the storm track, most often found in northern Canada this time of year.  In order to get the weather busy it needs contrast and conflict, collisions of hot and cold air that manifest in clouds and winds and storms.  Instead, July finds temperatures nearly the same from Canada to Mexico, leaving little contrast for large, organized storms.  So many of our weather changes are triggered by local factors.  The Sun’s heat combines with humidity and wind patterns near the mountains to form the hit-or-miss thundershowers, leaving farmers frustrated, trying to get some dry hay baled, while offering the gardener a replenishing downpour.

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July Records and Averages

Warmest Ave. : 75.2°F/1921        Coldest Ave. : 65.0°F/1956

Wettest:   9.16 inches in 2008      Driest:  0.96 inches in 1919

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