Jewel Heist

Can you solve the mystery of the jewel heist?

Can you solve the mystery of the jewel heist?

July 8, 2020| Categories: Fairbanks Museum, Programs and Events

Match wits with a master jewelry thief to solve a mystery in the museum! Transform your visit to our galleries with this new immersive experience that reveals new dimensions of our eclectic exhibits.

The headline from August 6, 1913:

Museum Gems are Stolen

“A large collection of gems, including specimens of turquoise, emerald, opals, garnets, pearls and sapphires and one uncut diamond, were stolen from the Fairbanks Museum last night. The loss was discovered this morning when the museum was opened, but the police were unable to find a clew [sic] to the robbers. It is thought that they hid in the cellar during the visiting hours yesterday and made the break during the night. The stolen gems had never been appraised, but it is thought that the loss will reach into the thousands. One stone left in the case was valued higher than all those taken and among the stolen collections were several imitations. Most of the jewels were collected by Col Fairbanks in the course of his travels about the world.”

We’ve taken this true crime scene and created a mystery for you to solve in order to stop the thieves. We partnered with TimeQuestNH to create a puzzle that can only be unlocked with clues hidden within our displays. Can you find them?

Jewel Heist is an interactive puzzle that leads you through the Museum’s fascinating exhibits, adding a gaming dimension to this cabinet of curiosities.

Jewel Heist is FREE with your Fairbanks Museum membership, $20/group for nonmembers.

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