January Weather

January Weather

December 31, 2020| Category: Skywatch Almanac Weather

While the January Thaw may be thought of as a staple of our weather, January rarely fails to deliver the most consistently cold weather of the year. Following the shortest daylight of the year, the lengthening days are hardly enough to off-set the polar region’s continual loss of heat, helping one Arctic airmass after another form and head south. This generous supply of cold also establishes January as the snowiest month of Winter, even though February and March tend to deliver more dramatic events. January is the no-nonsense, focused, but not flamboyant winter laborer, whose hallmark is reliability – if there is such a thing concerning weather.

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January Records and Averages

Warmest:  28.5°F in 1932                      Coldest:  6.4°F in 1970

Wettest: 6.80 inches in 1979       Snowiest: 47.0 inches in 1954




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