January Weather

January Weather

January 8, 2019| Categories: Eye on the Sky, Skywatch Almanac Weather

The month of January is named after the Roman god “Janus”, the two-faced deity, often associated with doors.  Of course we could also apply this to January’s weather, which commands the coldest and snowiest weather most every winter.  Yet within the month is winter’s contradiction, the January thaw.  Though it could occur anytime during the month, long-term temperature averages show a marked rise between the 20th and the 26th, indicating the most likely time to experience the temporary warmth of a south wind, some years laden with showery rains, other times arriving with a splash of sunshine.  But the respite is short, for the shadows are still long, and the snow will get deeper before spring considers an appearance. 

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January Records and Averages

Warmest:  28.5°F in 1932                      Coldest:  6.4°F in 1970

Wettest: 6.80 inches in 1979       Snowiest: 47.0 inches in 1954



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