January Astronomy

January Astronomy

January 8, 2019| Categories: Skywatch Almanac Astronomy, StarGazing

This month’s highlight, a total Lunar Eclipse on the night of the 21st into the 22nd.  Orion becomes the center of attention in January, with his three belt stars drawing a line to the right, pointing to the red star Aldebaran, the “eye” of Taurus, the Bull.  To the left, Orion’s Belt leads to the rising star Sirius – the brightest star in the night skies.  The planets favor early risers this month, starting with Venus near its best of the year, high in the southeast in the twilight.  Venus lowers and Jupiter rises, as they meet on the 22nd.  Saturn joins them at the end of the month.  Mars is the lone evening planet, fairly bright in the southwest.

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The Moon joins Venus and Jupiter before dawn



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