Skywatch Astronomy

Skywatch Astronomy

January 10, 2022| Categories: Skywatch Almanac Astronomy, StarGazing

The heart of winter brings the brightest stars in our skies into full view. Orion sits at the center of these stellar “super stars”, the line of his three belt stars extending to the right toward the red star Aldebaran, the “eye” of Taurus, the Bull, and to the left, where our brightest nighttime star, Sirius, climbs into the southeast. Above Orion’s belt shine two bright stars, including the orange-hued Betelgeuse, with the stunning Rigel below his belt. Overhead gleams the brilliant Capella, and the Twins of Gemini look on from above Orion. Mercury enjoys a brief evening visit, while Jupiter and Saturn settle toward the southwest horizon. Mars returns to the early morning skies, joined by the lovely Venus later in the month.

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New Moon on the 2nd
First Quarter Moon on the 9th
Full “Wolf” Moon on the 17th
Last Quarter Moon on the 25th

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