January Astronomy

January Astronomy

December 31, 2020| Category: Skywatch Almanac Astronomy

Orion becomes the center of attention in January, with his three belt stars drawing a line to the right, pointing to the red star Aldebaran, the “eye” of Taurus, the Bull.  To the left, Orion’s Belt leads to the rising star Sirius – the brightest star in the night skies.  The brilliant Capella is nearly overhead.  The planets start the year with our last views of Jupiter and Saturn, low in the southwest, but lost in the Sun’s glare by mid-month.  Mars lingers high in the evening toward the south, while the elusive Mercury climbs into the southwestern twilight during the last two weeks, best seen near the 25th.  Venus continues its solo appearance in the morning skies, bright but lowering in the southeast as twilight brightens, lost in the Sun’s glare by month’s end.

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The Moon tracks from Mars to Taurus high in the south from the 20th through the 23rd



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