Help Eye on the Sky

Help Eye on the Sky

May 16, 2016| Categories: Fundraising, Museum News

Raise the Roof for Eye on the Sky!

We need your help.

Our Eye on the Sky meteorologists have been preparing and producing in-depth weather broadcasts since 1981 … in the basement of the Fairbanks Museum. You can help give Mark Breen, Lawrence Hayes and Steve Maleski access to better offices, a new audio recording booth — and windows so they can actually see the sky! Eye On The Sky delivers the best possible news about current conditions and forecasts for farmers, gardeners, hikers, bikers, skiers, boaters throughout the year.

Let’s bring the Eye on the Sky team out of their “dungeon” so they can bring you better, more informed, up-to-the-minute weather from a new recording studio.

Click here for videos and more about Eye on the Sky and how you can help.

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