February Weather

February Weather

February 1, 2022| Category: Skywatch Almanac Weather

What would February be without Ground Hog Day?  We could all use a little encouragement with winter only half over, but the days are noticeably longer, and the sun can usually take  the sting out of the coldest of mornings.  In  general we see more sun this month than in the  previous ones, not because it is out longer, but because there are fewer clouds.  This is due to  the colder, and often ice-covered waters of the  Great Lakes where our early winter clouds are often generated.  But that added energy from the Sun also promotes the powerful late-winter storms that place February at the top of the lists for record snowfalls.

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February Records and Averages

Warmest:  31.3°F/1981        Coldest:     6.1°F/1934

Wettest:      4.93”/1981      Snowiest:     60.5”/1969


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